Are you a HIRING MANAGER who is TIRED of feeling like you spend more time reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, than doing your actual job? Are you over reading a resume, meeting the candidate and thinking, “Well, that resume was not honest” and feel frustrated you lost part of your day? Do you miss being able to just actually do the work for your job?

If YOU answered YES to any of these questions… CSG IS YOUR WAY!

Why should you choose CSG’s proprietary recruiting technology and methodology for your Staff Augmentation, Managed Services, On-shore/offshore, near shore workforce staffing needs? One word, CSGTech.

What is ‘CSGTech”, you wonder? Get ready to reduce the number of resumes to screen to interview request, and interview completion to hire ration, by a staffering 95.7%! Think of all the time your hiring managers, delivery leads, and technical gurus get back doing their actual WORK vs wasting time interview lackluster, or unaligned candidates, when they see a CSG Profile come across their desk.

What you GET!

  • 24/7 global recruiting support leveraging CSGTech recruiting matrix methodology able to pivot any time, or timezone, at your fingertips
  • TIME BACK TO DO YOUR ACTUAL JOB! Stop looking at resumes that don’t match, that aren’t honest and talking to candidates that you know in the first minute, will not gel with your team, your leadership style or your BUSINESS OBJECTIVES!
  • Hire faster, smarter and with less worry!
  • Take the job out of interviewing, and enjoy having TOO many perfect matches to choose from!
  • Experience the joy of never wanting your CSG contractors to roll off assignments and a partner who can replace the need to speak to many vendors, to get the delivery you need… more TIME BACK IN YOUR DAY!

With never ending deliverables, ever changing budgets and a sea of ‘staffing body shops’ at your ready, make the shift with CSG and surf the wave of cost savings, reduced attrition while getting to enjoy the interview process again.

Because your challenge now is amazingly which candidate to pick from CSG, not how to forever edit your job descriptions until you get a staffing firm who throws something that sticks.

Right People. RIght Seats. Right Skills. Right Experience, from the RIGHT partner… CSG.

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Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing has been a forever keystone of CSG’s service offerings, and a keystone of the many technology and engineering solutions we offer our customers. In a world where quantity vs quality used to be the norm, we choose to measure successful delivery by finding the right person, for the right seat that is aligned to the technical skills, commitment to the completion of project requirements with a focus on 0% attrition and strong contract to hire conversion metrics.

Do you manage your own hiring, or leverage a MSP or VMS to aid in your candidate recruitment and onboarding process? Are you frustrated with screening myriads of resume that seem to miss the mark? Or, are you that confident you don’t see any room for improvement or need to engage with “yet another staffing” firm? We hear you, we see you, and are wiling to take the bet that if you provide the opportunity for CSG to deliver, we will out perform our competitors and exeed your expectations.

All it takes is one order, just one opportunity, for our team to demonstrate why we reduce the time, cost and effort needed to identify the proper contractor to fufill your organization’s needs. We offer a money back guarantee should our candidates not fufil the obligations of the requirements and our proud to say this company spend is low you night as well call it ZERO.

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MSP | VMS Staffing Programs

Are you a MSP or VMS staffing program leader, or team member, also known as a multitasking hiring process genius? We see you, we know what it's like to be in your shoes and appreciate the hard work you provide servicing the hiring needs of your clients. Wwe know in a sea of staffing vendor options, it is easy to go with a staffing company brand and stick with what is "working". Even if your current list of staffing vendor suppliers is “not broke”, bringing in new vendors (such as CSG!) may help you fix problems you didn't even know you had, and very least, bring a new flavor of candidate options that can help strengthen your relationship with the clients through stronger candidate submissions and enhanced options.

We are not striving to be the largest, or be your #1 partner out of the gate, just the opportunity to compete against them, and earn your business the CSG way.

Including CSG in your VMS | MSP program will:

  • Cut time on reviewing unqualified candidates due to our global recruiting team, proprietary technology and disruptive methodology. We are doing things different!
  • Strengthen submission to interview, interview to hire, and hire for 0 attrition metrics
  • Bring uncavassed candidates options to pump new life into hard to fill or stagnate positions
  • Provide money saved via time back in your pocket, knowing CSG will get it right thr first time. Everytime. Less errors, polished delivery and commitment to CUSTOMER FIRST
  • Guaranteed technical aptitude and soft skill screens so you can rest easy when a CSG candidate goes through your hiring program and process, they are deeply vetted.
  • Dedicated Account Manager(s) to give you the CUSTOMER FIRST experience your daily hard work deserves and limited bandwidth needs
  • Appreciation for all the behind the scenes things you do, that we know and see, to keep the business of hiring key resources humming and your hiring managers giddy to be able to do their jobs vs interviewing as part of their job
  • Onshore, Offshore, and near-shore candidate options that can be industry focused, agnostic or
  • A recruiting arm that will never throw resumes to see what sticks, keen attention to follow process detail always pipelining and evolving to meet the every changing needs of your business.
  • A consistent SLA achiever (Service Level Agreements) always striving to be top of the recruiting delivery vendor class.

Interested learning more about CSG’s proprietary approach and proven track record service Fortune 50s, to start ups, and everything in between? Request more info or intro, today!

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Diversity Supplier Staffing Services

Does your organization have a Diversity Supplier Program or Diversity Hiring Goals? CSG is experiencing exponential growth in supplying contract staffing resources and workforce solutions to programs just like you! Whether you are a Fortune 50, or a midsize busines, seeking to offer minority owned business an opportunity to succeed while diversifying your supplier base, we have proven results that deliver.

CSG is an NMSDC, WBE, and HUB certified organization offering global recruiting teams and delivery innovation centers to meet any of your contract, permanent, C2H, off-shore, on-shore, near-shore, or managed service hiring needs. As a leading Diverse Minority Supplier, we take pride as a leader in our industry who cmpells our own teams to support other Diverse Minority organizations to meet the needs of our own business.

Our ability to provide blended staffing solutions at reduced cost allows your organization to allocate dollars in other critical units of the business to meet your Diversity Goals while achieving company milestones.

Our Diversity Supplier Program partners continuously recommend us to their peers in other industries, and organizations, due to the quality of services we deliver. We seek the opportunity to demonstrate why CSG provides the candidates needed, on-demand and aligned, every time.

If you are looking for an established, global team focused on customer values to meet your organizational and social responsibility needs, we got you covered.

Inquire today to see why we are one of the fastest growing Diversity Minority Service organizations of 2023! Check out our workforce solutions and service Verticals to thrive with us today. Request more info or schedule a consultation today.

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Managed Services | Capacity Staffing

CSG’s customizable Managed Services / Capacity Staffing Models puts you, the customer, in control of your budget while providing the direction your customized staffing programming goes. CSG can provide the infrastructure, employment HR management activities, while offering training, transitioning and knowledge transfers to keep all resources optimized to deliver within hours/months/years defined.

CSG’s customers who leverage our Managed Services / Capacity Staffing models services experience lower costs, enhance innovation, and unique opportunities for cross-functional resource delivery.

With no one solution the same, CSG can provide the services, staffing and solutions you need tailored to achieve the output you need to achieve. This risk-adverse arrangement opens you to a diverse portfolio of skills that might otherwise be unavailable if you choose to take the time consuming approach of one off recruiting.

Connect with one of our CSG Workforce Solutions SME’s today who is an expert in your industry, understands the dynamics of your team and will customize the right fit for your needs, today!

Need hybrid or remote talent? Assistance convincing stakeholders to adopt a model that will secure you more talent options and give you a hiring edge against your competitors? Contact us today and let us do the internal selling of your customized workforce solutions for you.

Do you need a temporary SME consultant onshore to run along side your team? We got you. Looking for Contract to Hire, scaleable teams on a small to large scale? Or a Permanent resource to manage one of your workforce solution models, we got you covered.

Our tailored staffing solutions align with your budget, leverage proprietary technologies to gain efficiencies while striving to the goal of 0% attrition. Connect with one of our CSG Workforce Solutions SME’s today who is experience in your industry, understands the dynamics of your team and will customize the right fit for your needs, today!

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Hybrid | Remote | Onshore | Offshore | Nearshore Staffing

CSG’s Workforce Solutions leverage our global recruitment network, our onshore, offshore & near shore innovation delivery centres, paired with our proprietary recruitment methodology matrix to meet your hiring needs anywhere, anytime. Tired of body shops throwing resumes until a resume sticks? Our quality vs quantity approach affords your organization additional cost savings in blended location models (we can house your team!) while saving your time weeding through resumes and conducting costly interviews.

Whether you need to ramp up, ramp down, or outsource an entire project or team, leveraging CSG’s customizable workforce solutions provides you all options. With our ISO-2007-1, SOC 2 TYPE II & HIPAA compliant facilities you can rest assured CSG’s technically screened and culturally aligned talent will deliver in our facilities our supporting with yours.

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Permanent Staffing

Do you have a key Executive leaving your team and are in need to fill those permanent shoes? Are you ready to identify key resources that will better serve you as an FTE? Tired of leveraging Perm Staffing firms that don’t quite get the complexities between the technical must haves, and cultural alignments, you need to keep your team in motion?

CSG’s approach to permanent staffing is fuelled by our proprietary recruiting matrix methodology. Our technically certified recruiters are trained to leverage AI technologies and our proprietary cultural screening methodology that offers you the perfect blend hard skills, and soft skills, your team needs. With quality over quantity, you will spend less time sifting through resumes and conducting interviews, and more time picking which if CSG’s permanent candidates are best while wanting to have them all!

Connect with one of our CSG Workforce Solutions SME’s today who is experience in your industry, understands the dynamics of your team and will customize the right fit for your needs, today!

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Executive Staffing

Are you the CEO needing your technology right hand? Are you a CIO, CTO or CISO leaving for new adventures, seeking to fill your spot for your team so that your transition is seamless, and the organizations future potential endless? Do you need the right technical master, with particular soft skills your team knows is required to lead a team during this time? OR has someone upt and left, and you need a temporary backfill or a key leadership seat, like yesterday?

Regardless your current scenario, if you have a need to fill an Executive Seat whether temporary or permanent, CSG’s almost twenty years of business, pipeline of strong client and team member relationships, will have a touch point to the person you need.

CSG will dedicate recruiting resources to clearly identify the needs of the role in ways you might not even be able to see. Allow our fresh eyed, consultative approach to taking your job description and soft skill requirements to find the exact individual you need take the stress and time out of the search so your team can remain focused on achieving its technology and business objectives.

CSG offers discounted rates on bulk placement services. Connect with one of our CSG Workforce Solutions SME’s today who is an expert in your industry, understands the dynamics of your team and will customize the right fit for your needs, today!

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