We believe true teamwork happens when we embrace unique perspectives and personalities, and invite them to the table with equality. The foundation of all our initiatives rests on deep collaboration and inclusion of different individuals, regardless of gender, age, race, and orientations.


Companies with a strong commitment to diversity tend to be more profitable in relation to comparable firms in their industry. A study conducted by the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University selected 50 firms with a stated commitment to employee diversity and compared their performance to that of their peers*. The results showed that the Diversity 50 firms realized a 29% higher net profit margin, on average, when compared to their matched firms. Diversity 50 firms also performed better on average than their peers in return on assets (22%) and return on equity (19%).

CSG is well-equipped to help you achieve a diverse workforce in no time. Our hybrid model for recruitment allows us to find candidates that have the potential of high deliverance. CSG's hybrid approach allows us to have a wider reach using digital marketing strategies, AI platforms to handle a high volume of applications, a SenseHQ interface for ease of communication, and a dedicated team of hardworking/committed professionals.

The Veteran Staffing

We support former military officials, members, and their spouses in bouncing back to professional lives with their career skills. We mentor them for upskilling/reskilling. We also aid them in applying their knowledge to challenging business scenarios and drive positive change.

Why Veterans?

Choosing to serve and protect is an honor and sacrifice that so many servicemen and women have committed their lives to. Hiring them is not only a way to say thank you but a way to strengthen your company with these qualities:

  • Veterans exhibit discipline that they've learned in the military and can transfer that skill to anything that they do.
  • Veterans are equipped with a strong work ethic from the field and use it in any task set before them.
  • Veterans have a sense of teamwork and an unshakeable drive to succeed.
  • Veterans are leaders. If you want someone who knows about leadership look no further than the military.
  • With these skills, we believe that companies can build a strong force on the inside and be proud to give back to these men and women.

We understand the needs of the Government, Federal and Defense contractors and have built a delivery model focused around quality, turnaround time and the cost savings for our valued government clients. We are a statewide HUBZone entity.

Our Government Practice Account Managers and recruiters possess a solid knowledge of the federal and state government markets. CSG's vision is to be the first choice partner for Local, State, or Federal governments.

People with Disabilities

We actively take the initiative to design conducive workspaces for individuals with mobility disabilities, hearing loss, visual impairments, and dyslexia, along with developing services that serve people with disabilities. We have network of DownSyndrome prodessionals.

Women in Leadership

At CSG, women contribute immensely with unwavering leadership, skill, and passion. Our focus remains to build a network of women who are spirited changemakers for our clients too.

LGBTQ+ Community

We believe in creating safe workspaces for individuals to express their unique and authentic selves and grow in their careers. CSG empowers and celebrates individuals from the LGBTQ+ community. We have a large pool of resources.