Optimize the Pricing with CSG’s Vendavo Expertise and Implementation Services. A comprehensive roadmap of insights and implementation strategy of Vendavo with inputs from Sales and Distribution, Logistics and Services is provided by CSG experts.

Vendavo EPS

  • We provide cost effective & faster implementation to help smaller enterprises get the highest return from the Vendavo App.
  • CSG Team offers modularized upgrade services to enhance the effectiveness of your Vendavo solution, minimize risk/downtime and draw maximum benefits.
  • Reduce costs, improve flexibility and boost Vendavo performance with our comprehensive AMS portfolio for continuous improvement.
  • CSG’s Support Services gives you an experienced team of professionals with over 8 years of global Vendavo experience providing you with the comfort of knowing your tasks will be successfully completed.
  • CSG optimizes your in-house resources by offering you a broad range of Vendavo support services. We help you focus on mission-critical issues and enable you to offload day-to-day operations.

Vendavo Price Point (VPP)

  • Fresh Install and Upgrades
  • VAIS configurations - Extension Cloud | Sync Services | Cloud
  • Expertise in upgrading VPP
  • VPP APPS configuration
  • Logi reports

Vendavo CPQ

Tailored product options and prices with optimal accuracy.

Reduce dedicated teams by enabling Automation & guided workflows.

Get the CSG Advantage!

  • Increase customer satisfaction with reduced response time.
  • Instantly perform deep analysis to gain insight into customer.
  • Automate business processes to increase efficiency.
  • 24/7 support to customer teams.
  • Customer satisfaction, as well as individual growth, are made simple.
  • Enable companies to provide accurate pricing for any product configuration.

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