Do you know someone looking for an opportunity to love what they do, and meet their career goals? Do you know anyone unhappy with their job, their career path or any of the many reasons talented people can sometimes feel ‘stuck’? Any of your friends rolling off a technology contract soon, looking for a possible future opportunity? Someone ready to feel appreciated by the team they are employed with, who genuinely cares for their happiness and reaching their career dreams?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, please refer them to CSG today! Send their resumes & profile information to: referral@corsogen.com.

CSG knows that sometimes the best way to find great talent, is through the great talent we might already know! With thousands of technical professionals around the globe, CSG genuinely values candidate referrals and strives to meet with them all!

You don’t have to be an employee to make a referral! All they have to do is meet the requirements in their new employment for you to start earning extra cash for kind efforts!

  • CSG pays a $1000 referral fee to employees that refer new candidates as soon as the new employee completes 30 days of employment with CSG!
  • That’s right, ONLY 30 days!
  • There is NO cap to how many candidates you can refer to CSG!
  • CSG pays $1000 to non-CSG individuals who refer someone after they complete 60 hours of billable work.
  • That’s right, ONLY 60 hours!

CSG’s existing employees refer over 70% of CSG's new hires. We are a talented work family that is growing larger by the day. CSG’s determination to support its internal and external employees career goals, and our passion to forever be learning, is just one of the many reasons candidates seek to join our team!

Send your REFERRALS to referrals@corsogen.com TODAY!

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