Are you responsible for the technology used by your Railway organization to make rail safe, reliable or your team operational? CSG’s support of the Railway industry in one of the keystones of OUR operations and customer base. As the need to digitally transform all aspects of the Rail Industry’s business operations and niche service offerings, with the added on requirements the EV revolution imposes, your team needs a partner you can trust to maintain excellence and delivery with transparency.

CSG’s Railway Industry Services & Solutions Include :

  • Technology Infrastructure, Automation and Modernization
  • Data Center Security & Enhancements
  • Production, Device and Systems Manufacturing
  • Program and Project Governance and Implementation
  • Big Data Analytics & Data Visualization
  • Digital Modernization & Marketing Fluiditing
  • Testing Automation
  • Product & Application Development, Migration & Maintenance
  • Workforce Management & Customized Staffing Solutions
  • AI, ML, IoT and Blockchain Investment
  • Cloud Data Hosting, Migration, Applications & Management

The Railway industry will continue to create technology solutions in-house while leveraging solution providers products and services. CSG can be the partner you need, the bridge to the partners you leverage or the Managed Services leader required to reduce costs, gain efficiencies and keep the business moving with integrity.

Does YOUR organization have a Supplier Partner Diversity Program or Diversity goals to meet? CSG is the Global Diversity Partner that will help you achieve your business objectives while meeting your diversity goals, all at the same time. Reduce cost and gain efficiencies via our Customer FIRST approach to leverage current Workforce and IT infrastructure, enabling more budget to spend on innovation and customer demands.

We will fix your hiring problems. Let our proprietary Recruitment Technology & Matrix Methodology allow you to stop screening resumes and interviewing candidates as part of your job. Enjoy the RELIEF you will have when seeing CSG candidates submitted KNOWING they will be technically & culturally aligned for YOUR team… so you can have more time to focus on your actual job and the business objectives you WILL achieve!

CSG is a NSMDC (National Supplier Minority Diversity Council) gold standard preferred technology solution provider, WBE, MBE, HUB, with onshore, offshore, near-shore ISO-2007-1, SOC 2 TYPE II & HIPAA compliant delivery innovation centers.

Schedule time with a CSG SME who knows your industry, is an expert in emerging technologies, and get started today!

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