CSG's Mission to Inspire Others:

Corporate General Solution’s female founders both had a vision to help inspire other women that it is possible to be successful technology business owner’s, wives and mothers in an industry dominated by men. With the young girls of the future in mind, Madhavi Koduru & Nethra KM combined forces to launch CSG. Putting the the Customer FIRST always, while prioritizing the best benefits, team environment and career paths for internal team members an operational requirement of the business, Madhavi and Nethra will always ensure CSG delivers quality over quantity, and integrity with a purpose.

CSG is a proud certified, National Supplier Minority Diverse Supplier (NSMDC), Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), ISO2007-1, Soc Level Two – Type 2 and HIPPA compliant organization with growing global technology innovation centers all over the world. With 100s of team members all over the world, a referral network of potential candidates growing deeper by the day, these women are the backbone of why people continue to choose CSG. Our forever growing repeat customers, forever learning long-term contractors and employees, people love to stick with CSG.

Madhavi & Nethra take pride in the diverse organization they have built, the customers they cherish as their prime Minority Diversity Suppliers and the many diverse organizations that support their business’ operations, too. CSG welcome’s it doors to all members of this global digital world while striving to continue their award winning year over year growth, one human, one customer and opportunity to deliver, at a time.

CSG's Investing In Growth, Our Team & Emerging Technologies:

Madhavi & Nethra are aggressively investing in expanding CSG’s domestic US presence, global workforce & innovation delivery centers’ portfolio, while prioritizing unprecedented cost savings for their customers. Providing an authentic work environment where People come FIRST, Madhavi & Nethra place annual team member and client anniversary’s at the top of their yearly celebrations list!

If you are looking for a work home to advance your career and build your dreams, or a Minority Diversity Supplier that will have your best interests at heart by doing “The Right Thing, Always”, then CSG’s Women Founders are worthy of an opportunity to deliver. Why? Because they WILL!

Get to Know CSG's Determined Founders:



Madhavi is an authentic & dynamic you might leave inspired to start your own global technology organization, too! Madhavi’s commitment to put the Customer FIRST and the happiness of her internal and external team members a required component for the business to run, there is a reason she inspires so many to never leave CSG both as a work home,or as a supplier partner.

Madhavi’s scope of education,experience is vast! From Technology to Economics, Accounting, Financial.With humble confidence,knows what she is doing!No client or team member’s challenge is too complex,no new milestone unattainable for this Business Owner,Wife and proud Mother.

Madhavi’s Differentiators:
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Information Science & Engineering (Computer Science), extensive forever learning from SAP CRM .0 Certifications, to Economics, Accounting, Finance & more!
  • From creating, executing and testing functional technical requirements, to building complex business growth plans, Madhavi’s sat in all seats of the Technology Consultant career cycle.
  • A master of Cient Relationships, Delivery Operations, and Market expansion, Madhavi’ is an inspiration to other female entrapeuner’s wondering if they can do it, too.
  • She loves to lead thing tanks, be involved in Diversity Organizations and is committed to delivery a white glove experience to anyone who interacts with CSG


Nethra’s professional career has a consistent theme, an unyielding love for technology & people! With deep roots from QA testing to complex technology application & product implementations, an unyielding passion for the Tech Solutions, Human Resources & the Staffing Industry, Nethra truly has delivered in every seat of the house!

A busy business owner, wife and mother Nethra is a true inspiration for other women out there attempting to “Do it ALL!”. Through hard work, balance and determined kindness, Nethra takes pride in demonstrating to her family, peers and colleagues that anything is possible with hard work, dedication and consistency!

Nethra’s Differentiators:
  • Bachelor’s in Information Science & Post-Grad Diploma in Human Resources Management, she authentically cares for her team member’s career growth.
  • Savvy technologist, Nethra applies real life experience to CSG’s customers’ problems and is able to lead by example.
  • Determined to disrupt the industry by striving for quality vs quantity in CSG’s workforce/staff augmentation verticals
  • Extremley hands on with the internal and external teams, ensuring her delivery teams and recruiters establish strong, forever lasting relationships based on honesty, integrity and a genuine purpose to KNOW our customer’s and team on deeper, personal levels.