Our Expertise in hardware design includes IC Design and verification, Chip Layout, FPGA Synthesis and system/hardware designs. CSG provides services in the areas of ASIC design which are tailored to suit the needs of silicon manufacturers at different stages on the life cycle from product conceptualization to deployment. With strong domain knowledge and technology expertise, in embedded systems, Digital, FPGA, microcontroller, System-on-Chip applications, games, video processing, audio, networking, mobile and wireless technologies, CSG helps its customer in re-engineering and cost reduction of their existing products to give a complete turn-key solution.

CSG provides the following services:

  • Concept Verification
  • Functional and Physical Design
  • Physical design and verification services to help chip manufacturers target their RTL designs to silicon.
  • VHDL & Verilog development
  • Post silicon verification/validation
  • Embedded application development for specific target markets

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