Are you a State or Local Government technology leader having challenges finding the right technical SMEs to keep your initiatives moving while identify the proper partners to keep your project budget spend within scope and delivering on-time? Are you finding yourself spending more time screening resumes and interviewing candidates then doing the actual work of your required Job? CSG seeks the opportunity to demonstrate to you why so many other State and Local Municipalities continue to select us to achieve their digital transformation initiatives, fulfill Technology Diversity Program goals, while filling all of the open positions required to do the actual work.

State and Local government municipalities learned from the Pandemic the importance technology plays in how it interacts with the communities it serves, and also the efficiency it gains, to their many departments and agencies. From Transportation to Education, as the digital transformation era ensues, and imposed government mandates stay in place, States and Local municipalities have no choice but to usher in technology solutions at an exponential rate.

With STEM workforce needs never-ending, it is critical that states select the right vendors to provide the solutions required to remain operational while attracting top talent against the competition of other Industries, let alone other states. CSG’s technology and workforce solutions, NMSDC | WBE | MBE | HUB Certification status, and proven track record supporting States enterprise demands is the perfect size firm you can trust to put Clients’ needs FIRST backed by a ‘Do The Right Thing, Always’ proven delivery model.

CSG’s State Local Government Services & Solutions :

  • Digital Transformation
  • Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Integrity, Data Visualization
  • Legacy System Migrations
  • Project, Program Management & Agile Services
  • IT Operations Modernization
  • Applications Services
  • Business Analysts, Data Scientists, System Architects
  • Web & Mobile Solutions
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Services
  • Testing, Automation, QA
  • Cyber Security, Security Audits, Data Security
  • Network Engineering & Solutions
  • Workforce Management & IT Staff Augmentation
  • AI, ML, NLP, Blochain

Does YOUR organization have a Supplier Partner Diversity Program or Diversity goals to meet? CSG is the Global Diversity Partner that will help you achieve your business objectives while meeting your diversity goals, all at the same time. Reduce cost and gain efficiencies via our Customer FIRST approach to leverage current Workforce and IT infrastructure, enabling more budget to spend on innovation and customer demands.

We will fix your hiring problems. Let our proprietary Recruitment Technology & Matrix Methodology allow you to stop screening resumes and interviewing candidates as part of your job. Enjoy the RELIEF you will have when seeing CSG candidates submitted KNOWING they will be technically & culturally aligned for YOUR team… so you can have more time to focus on your actual job and the business objectives you WILL achieve!

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