CSG’S founders believe in the power of being forever learners and hold our Private and Public Sector Education customer’s with the highest regard. Often being underfunded and overworked, technology leaders in the Education industry pose a unique set of challenges that our former industry specialists understand because they once sat in your shoes.

CSG seeks the opportunity to compete against your current vendors to deomstrate why your competitors are choosing alternative firms such as CSG to increase productivyy, reduce delivery costs and finally fix their talent shortage problems.

Our Education Technology Experts Are Equipped :

  • Continuous Delivery and DevOps Management
  • Strategy & Continuous Business Improvement
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Architecture Design, Implementation & Management
  • Testing, Automation & QA
  • Agile Delivery, Training & Coaching
  • Implementation & Tool Solutions
  • Security Oversight & Risk Mitigation
  • Throughput, Productivity Increase, Rapid Functionality Release
  • Customer Products & Enterprise Solutions
  • Project, Program & Product Management
  • Workforce Solutions, Staff Augmentation Services

Leverage past work done across state contracts or innovations produced through private sector dollars to sleep better at night you are no longer playing catchup to the technological shift our educational systems have been forced to pivot due to the complexitites caused by the global pandemic.

You do not have a hiring problem, you have a workforce strategy problem. The right talent, and right humans to gel with you current team dynamics exist, they are just choosy who they align their career paths with. CSG puts our contractors and customers FIRST by choosing to do the right thing, ALWAYS.

Does YOUR organization have a Supplier Partner Diversity Program or company Diversity Goals? You can meet your Diversity initiatives and business unit needs, with ONE partner you can trust, CSG.

CSG is a NSMDC (National Supplier Minority Diversity Council) gold standard preferred technology solution provider, WBE, MBE, HUB, with onshore, offshore, near-shore ISO-2007-1, SOC 2 TYPE II & HIPAA compliant global delivery innovation centers.

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