CSG’S suite of Digital Services leverages emerging technology, proven methodologies and SMEs who are experienced in Digital Tranformation & Modernization for your specific industry. Harness the power of tomorrow’s digital trends today to gain efficienciy, reduce cost, harness your data and be a leader against your competition. It is no longer a matter of when, but how… and with who. CSG’s consulting services will help you lead you down the right path for all of our digital initiatives.

CSG’s Digital Services & Solutions include, but is not limited to:

  • Digital Marketing, SEO, Branding, Influencing & More
  • eCommerce & Consumer Adoption & Engagement
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Digital Transformation & Modernization
  • Data, Big Data & Analytics
  • AI, ML and NLP
  • UI/UX Design & Optimization
  • Testing Services & Quality Assurance
  • Big Ideas, Innovation & Emerging Technology
  • Staffing Digital Resources Onshore / Offshore / Nearshore

Does YOUR organization have a Supplier Partner Diversity Program or Diversity goals within the organization? CSG is the Global Diversity Partner that will help you achieve your business objectives while meeting your diversity goals, all at the same time. See why our clients return time and time again by scheduling time with a dedicated CSG SME, today!

CSG is a NSMDC (National SUpplier Minority Diversity Council), gold standard preferred technology solution provider, WBE, MBE, HUB, with onshore, offshore, near-shore ISO-2007-1, SOC 2 TYPE II & HIPAA compliant delivery innovation centers.

We will fix your hiring problem. Let our proprietary Recruitment Technology & Matrix Methodology allow you to stop screening resumes and interviewing candidates as part of your job. The RELIEF you will have when seeing a CSG candidate resume submitted KNOWING they will be technically & culturally aligned for YOUR team… so you can have more time to focus on your actual work and the business objectives you WILL achieve!

Schedule time with a CSG SME who knows your industry, is an expert in emerging technologies, and get started today!

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