Do you know how amazingly talented you are, inside and out? Do you value knowing your leadership sees you for the remarkable knowledge you have, and limitless potential you will achieve? Does spending time doing things you love outside of work enhance your life as much as a fulfilling career?

If you are answering yes to any of these then maybe you are already part of the CSG internal and external dynamic workforce! If you are not, apply for the opportunity to experience what it is like to be appreciated, inspired and compensated for the work you do, today!

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Why does CSG put so much focus and resource dedication to the happiness of our team members? Because we are one of you, too! Our founders set out on a mission to disrupt the body shop model of technology & staffing consulting firms by practicing what we preach. We have all worked for companies where we felt overworked and undervalued. Dead end career paths where our own leadership seemed to be in our way. By learning from our own experiences, and triumphing through challenging work environments, CSG strives every day to disrupt the recruiting industry by identifying the right people for the right seats, at the right time.

Our Mission :

CSG’s mission is to be a global respected customer FIRST, “Always Do The Right Thing” technology solutions organization, that optimizes its clients’ current human capital and IT infrastructure to reduce cost, increase efficiency while leveraging new emerging technologies to meet our clients’ business objectives, and staff augmentation needs, with a quality over quantity human centric approach.

Our Vision :

Prioritizing quality over quality to find the right person, for the right seat, via a human centered approach, to the forefront of every organization’s hiring & consulting initiatives.

Our Values :

“Do the Right Thing, Always”
“Reliable & Transparent”
“Always Put The Customer FIRST”
“Innovation with Integrity & Delivery with Determination”
“Learn & Improve”

Benefits :

CSG offers industry leading benefits and compensation packages. When our team is happy, our customers are happy. When our competitors ask us why our employees remain loyal and committed to our customer’s success, the answer is simple. We care, we inspire and we are forever learning and growing alongside the teams we build. Together, anything is possible.

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