CSG offers Consulting & Professional Services for companies that need product differentiation to get better market share and wider product acceptance. Such services to help rationalize their product portfolio in accordance with fluctuating technology and market needs.

The range of offerings under CSG' Consulting & Professional Services includes Product Technical support, training and documentation and Product Deployment Design, Installation, Configuration and testing.

CSG' pool of certified professionals works with clients to understand their specific needs and helps them develop products from grounds-up.

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The experience and knowledge gained from products developed for our previous clients brings you a number of benefits

  • A good understanding of standards, regulatory considerations and geography-specific needs.
  • Ability to map the gap between market need and product and continuously refine product ideas, functionality, provide innovative ideas for applicability of product in newer domains.
  • CSG' strength is in increasing the platform availability, Operating System (OS) availability, enhancing the features, quality, performance, maintainability, portability, usability and security of the product.

Our approach focuses on gaining a clear understanding of your business and your systems requirements. We'll match your requirements with the right technology at a cost that fits your budget.