Pioneering the Next Generation of Strategic Consulting


About Us

Corporate Solutions General (CSG) is an innovative NMSDC, WBE, MBE, HUB, ISO 2007-1, SOC Type 2 - Level II certified global technology engineering solutions organization. CSG’s customer portfolio includes Fortune 50s, to start ups, delivering with a “Customers FIRST” mantra and “Do The Right Thing, Always'' core value system. CSG’s technical solutions are both industry agnostic, and SME driven, providing the ability to leverage cross-functional teams and emerging technologies from differing markets & verticals. Our onshore/offshore/nearshore global innovation centers’ specialize in in E2E Digital Transformation Services, Workforce Management, Mobile, Applications, DevOps, Testing, Cloud Engineering, Data Analytics, SAP, Oracle - ERP, AI & ML, Product Services, Blockchain, Vendavo, Salesforce, Infrastructure, Security, Project Management, Managed Services, QA/Tool Agnostic Testing, Custom Consulting, Staff Augmentation, Fractured Workforce Modeling and more.

CSG is experiencing rapid growth as an awarded Great Places to work organization, rising preferred Technology Diversity Supplier Partner with a proprietary recruitment methodology. CSG’s mission is to take care of our internal teams while optimizing our clients’ current human capital & IT infrastructure to reduce cost & increase efficiency. CSG does not strive to be the largest tech engineering services company, only the humble opportunity to compete against them, to demonstrate why our customers’ trust us to deliver their most critical projects again & again.


Our Mission

CSG’s mission is to be a global respected customer FIRST, “Always Do The Right Thing” technology solutions organization, that optimizes its clients’ current human capital and IT infrastructure to reduce cost, increase efficiency while leveraging new emerging technologies to meet our clients’ business objectives, and staff augmentation needs, with a quality over quantity human centric approach.


Our Vision

Prioritizing quality over quantity to find the right person, for the right seat, via a human centered approach, to the forefront of every organization’s hiring & consulting initiatives.



“Do the Right Thing, Always”
“Reliable & Transparent”
“Always Put The Customer FIRST”
“Innovation with Integrity, Delivery with Determination”
“Learn & Improve”


CSG is the sole owner of a proprietary recruitment AI / human generated technical screening methodology matrix that distinguishes the best in class technical skills, paired with the must have soft skills, that guarantees the job will get done, while thriving with the humans you get to work alongside with.

Continuously recognized as a top preferred Minority Diversity Technology Solutions Provider by start ups, to Fortune 500s, we are a certified NMSDC, WBE, MBE, HUB, ISO-2007-1, Soc 2 - Level II, HIPAA compliant organization with global onshore/offshore/nearshore delivery innovation facilities.

We are continuously singled out for turning expensive consulting myths around be bringing affordable consulting solutions to our customers, who love to come back for more!

Quality vs quantity, our recruiters take a hands on approach, GENUINELY “getting to know” our candidates personally & professionally, while maintaining a DEEP pipeline to tap into at the right time, for the right need… to deliver the right person for the right seat, every time.

CSG technology & engineering contractors feel respected, valued and empowered to achieve their career goals thanks to our commitment to forever learning and culture / values / benefits offered to let them feel ‘they are home’.

We focus on leveraging our customers current infrastructure and human capital to offer cost savings, increase efficiencies, while establishing trust in delivery so our customer’s know they are never being gouged or misled.

With “Do the RIght Thing, Always” at the heart of our company values, our customers choose us with confidence knowing what they purchase is what they will receive. From development to staffing, SAP to QA, and everything in between, we will always strive to reduce costs, exceed expectations and add you to our list of return customers.